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What version of Ajera am I using?

Go to the Mobile Timesheets main menu, where you'll see the words Ajera Mobile Timesheets, followed by your current Ajera version.


Why can't I access my timesheet on my mobile device?

Turn off private browsing on your device when working on your timesheet.

What happens if I lose my Internet connection?

Your mobile device holds your updates even if you lose your Internet connection.
When your connection is restored, refresh your browser to sync your updates with your Ajera timesheet.

How can I sync my mobile device with Ajera?

Refresh your browser to sync project updates, approvals, rejections, notes, or time entries.

Why are my timesheets slow to respond?

Ajera Mobile Timesheets is only as quick as the strength of your Internet signal. Connecting to a large Ajera database may also slow the responsiveness of your timesheets. Whenever possible, connect to the timesheets using a Wi-Fi signal.

How do Mobile Timesheets affect my data charges?

Because of the variations in Internet providers, Axium cannot provide guidance on your specific data plans. Contact your device provider with your questions. Whenever possible, connect to your timesheets using a Wi-Fi signal.


How do I move back and forth through my timesheet?

Use (previous) and (next) at the top of the screen to navigate to the relevant timesheet.
Do not use your device's back and forth buttons; they navigate only through web pages not through timesheets.


Why do I have to search for a project?

To minimize the impact to your data plan and performance, no project information is stored on the mobile device. You must connect to Ajera to find your project information.

You cannot search for projects if you lose your connection. Recent time entries do appear.

How far back can I see projects on the Recent list?

Recent entries include the last two full timesheet weeks plus the current week's entries.


How can I access today's timesheet quickly?

Refresh your browser to go to today's time entries.

Why are some days shaded on the timesheet?

Your Ajera administrator can set which days are accessible on your timesheet. You cannot add time to a shaded day.

Why do some projects or phases require a timesheet note?

Ajera can be set up to require notes for all new projects. Contact your Ajera administrator for details.

Can I change a submitted, billed, or paid timesheet?

You can unsubmit (Menu > Unsubmit) to return a submitted timesheet to a draft state. You cannot unsubmit an approved, billed, or paid timesheet.

Can I add notes to submitted timesheets?

To make any changes to a submitted timesheet, you must be set up with the appropriate preferences Contact your Ajera administrator for details.

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